Aaron J Griffiths

Cache Valley Apartments

This is a personal passion project. I created a webscraper using some python libraries and have it scan a few of the main rental listing sites. Any time a new listing is found in Cache Valley that isn’t currently in the database it adds a new row to a mySQL database. I filter for duplicates first and then extract the image to Amazon S3.

After a new row is added it triggers a new Facebook and Twitter Post. Each post links to the original listing webpage. I recently started creating a site to list all of the scraped listings. The project was completed in just a few evenings. I will be adding many more features and more functionality to the site as time permits. Visit the site here.

Skills Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Angularjs
  • Python
  • Bootstrap
  • Amazon S3
  • mySQL

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